Design Build

Tooz Construction Inc. offers a very unique service to their client since we are one of the few General Contractors that truly offer a Design Build service. Design Services offers the same range and quality of services as an independent architecture firm but allows projects to be completed faster and with fewer incidences since there are no communication gaps. Having both the construction departments within the organization gives Tooz Construction Inc. a greater, more effective Checks and Balances system so we can guarantee our clients complete satisfaction on every project.

Construction Management

Our construction management team is committed to the execution of every project within budget and on schedule. By maintaining impeccable records, ensuring constant communication among all parties contributing to the project, and taking a proactive approach to avoid complications, we have been able to create a track record to be proud of.

General Contracting

Tooz Construction Inc. offers a wide variety of General Contracting services. Our extensive experience in commercial construction - as well as our complete dedication to safety, quality, and efficiency - affords our clients a general peace-of-mind knowing that their project is going to come in within budget and on schedule. Our clients can be completely confident that they've made the right decision when they decide to work with Tooz Construction Inc.

Equipment Rental

Tooz Construction successfully services a variety of customers; anyone from commercial, residential, industrial, municipal, and specialized service industries to anyone looking to perform some do-it-yourself tasks. Our rental foreman will help you get the equipment you need to get any job done quickly.

Trucking / Heavy Haul Trucking

We pride ourselves on our ability to run safe, mechanically maintained equipment. We only hire top of the line drives; all of our truck drivers share our commitment to quality, service and safety. Tooz believes in the integrity of our company and our people, and we strive to maintain it.


Tooz Crane Service includes our highly trained operators that provide prompt, dependable service. We operate two types of cranes, which include: 60-ton and 100-ton cranes, as well as a 50-ton truck crane. Our operators are safety-first orientated and offer competitive rates. They are willing to meet a wide variety of requirements.


Our reliability and attention to detail have earned us a very satisfied client base. Designed and fabricated for strength and durability, our products range from pump unit pad sets to custom transformer pads. Additionally, we have engineering available for complex projects as well as dedicated transportation to your worksite. Make Tooz your preferred precast provider.


We partner with Grizzly Concrete to complete a variety of projects. Grizzly Concrete specializes in providing quality concrete for all types of projects.